randy Dawson

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A Lifetime in Home Building & Remodeling

Randy Dawson has a lifelong passion for construction.  From an early age he was drawn to the industry and throughout his life and long career, Randy learned about all types of traditional construction, as well as modern adaptations, the latest technology and product and supply education.

Using his 40 years of experience in construction and business, Randy is now solely and exclusively focused on Windsor Custom Homes in order to grow it by leaps and bounds.

Randy’s experience includes working on tens of thousands of jobs in residential and commercial construction and including being hired and working on special construction projects for noteworthy entities such as NASA, the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and being the first contractor to bring PEX to Houston (now one of the largest and most sought after piping/tubing used in most residential and commercial piping).

A Dedication to Perfection

With regard to home building, Randy has witnessed other residential home builders cut corners with less than quality materials, poor architecture designs and poor overall project management. This trend leads to unsatisfied clients and many homes on the market that are less than average.  

Over the years, Randy has honed his eyes towards quality craftsmanship and design. His passion for providing unique and functional spaces for clients is apparent upon the first meeting. He is enthusiastic, engaged, and most importantly involved in every step of every project that he takes on.

A Passion to Empower Others

In addition to the custom home builds, Randy envisions providing consulting work to other national custom home builders that may benefit from his professional consultation, advice and direction.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Randy brings his passion for construction, his drive, his knowledge of the construction industry, and his determination, to the daily operations of Windsor Custom Homes.

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