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The Windsor Custom Homes Difference

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the windsor custom home difference

We are a truly custom builder, we can build our plan or yours. We have several plan designers that can assist in changing an existing plan or drawing a custom plan.

Each home is engineered for your specific plan and home-site. We engineer both the slab and the frame.

We use 3rd party inspectors during each stage of the construction process.

We build cost plus 20% (meaning that our clients see every invoice on every item that is used during the construction of our homes). We find that this approach allows our clients to remain within their specific budget needs.
*the approximate price per square foot starts at 110-115$ per sqft which includes the 20% builder fee, but does not include the lot. These figures are based on the attached included feature list.

We build custom homes, condos, townhomes, and multi-family residences in Houston and surrounding Areas.

Our construction team is on each job site on a daily basis to ensure quality and remaining on our building schedule.

Our average construction time is 6-8months for a home up to 4000sqft and 9-11months for homes larger than 4000sq ft.

We have a 1-2-10 year warranty

We have partnerships with 3 different mortgage companies to allow you to select the best loan options for your situation. We can include both the lot and the home in the same loan!

Our clients receive a minimum of 10 hours for time to make interior and exterior selections on their home with a professional Design Consultant

  • Windsor Custom Homes has been building homes in the Houston and Surrounding Areas for over 15 years.
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    Realize Your Dream with Windsor


    Windsor Custom Homes works hand-in-hand with clients in order to guarantee that the home that is built is exactly what the client desired. This close relationship with clients also ensures the highest quality of work and craftsmanship. Placing the emphasis of our business on giving our clients individual attention, the construction decisions and details of your home are completely in your hands.


    Windsor Custom Homes understands what you are looking for in a custom home, you will meet with an experienced architect to draft the plans for your house. Together, we will work to create the right floor plan to accommodate your every desire and help you envision exactly how your custom home will look upon completion.


    The exceptional value of our new homes allows you to think big and build the dream house that you have always wanted without worrying about out of control budgets. With Windsor Custom Homes, you control every step of the construction process so that you can be proud of your new home for years to come.


    We are your primary contact from project planning through post-occupancy evaluation and, much like design/build, we work with all architects and/or engineers in the early phases to establish a proper course of action that is within budget and time allocations.

    experience matters

    Randy Dawson is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Windsor Custom Homes. Randy has worked in the new custom home market for over 40 years. This has given Randy firsthand experience, from start to finish, in fine home construction and finishing.

    Over the years, Randy has honed his eyes towards quality craftsmanship and design. His passion for providing unique and functional spaces for clients is apparent. He is enthusiastic, engaged, and most importantly involved in every step of every project that he takes on.

    “Our company has an incredible team, allowing us to combine our experience, focus on quality, professionalism, and vision, which produces the best product on the market. “

    Randy Dawson,